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Hi, RLWL; I’ve started listening to some of my favorite writers from Reedsy on your podcast and I can’t wait to listen to more. I think I learned a lot from the excellent interview with Dina Amata; thanks for that one, in particular.It’s always helpful as well as fascinating to hear how different writers came into writing and how they approach the writing process. It’s great to hear where their inspiration comes from. I’ve also listened to Alex, I, Jonathan, Kevin, and Joshua and will get to all the others in short order. I also listened to Deidra’s reading of the first chapter in “The Medicine Girl”. Years ago, one of my favorite books ever was Sacajawea (Anna Waldo)., so of course, I loved this, too, and can’t wait to see where it goes. Years ago, in the nineties, when I was heavily involved in HD. Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy, my class worked with a U of F prof and archaeologist. We made a cable tv video about the shell mounds on Pine Island and a visit to the backwater Shell Island where a Calusa band murdered some local cattlemen. Your story brought back all the memories. I lived in a huge house that backed onto the area that Lee County designated the camping site for Seminoles who came into our town to trade back in the early 1900’s while Edison, Ford, and Firestone hung out just down the block. What great memories. I taught on Sanibel and partied on Juiseppe, Captiva, and Upper Captiva and there are enough stories in those areas to write for a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what you write. Thanks for the time and effort you both put into supporting and encouraging writers. Maureen

Russell & Deidra,

Thank you having me as a guest on your program on March. It was a pleasure to speak with such well read and intelligent people such as yourselves!

Greetings Deidre and Russell,
I’ve listened to several of RLWL episodes, and particularly enjoyed the one featuring K Antonio. Thank you for providing this virtual stage where contributors to Reedsy can discuss influences and the nuances of the writer’s craft.

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